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Independent newspapers in Turkey are now starved of public and private advertising revenue and face further financial pressure due to the scores of court cases brought against them for their journalistic work. Reader subscriptions provide an essential source of independent financing.

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Cumhuriyet is among the last remaining daily newspapers in Turkey that are independent from government influence. Founded in 1924, Cumhuriyet, a secular daily, is currently under intense pressure due to its critical reporting.


Subscribe to Cumhuriyet – from anywhere in the world – and you will help to keep independent journalism alive in Turkey. Plus, get access to quality daily Turkish content and support Cumhuriyet’s growing English-language coverage.

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“A newspaper is there to serve the people, not the government. You cannot destroy this newspaper by trying it on false evidence, by threatening it or by throwing its journalists in jail. These journalists will do their jobs and will not be silenced or frightened.”


Cumhuriyet CEO Akın Atalay, after being sentenced to prison on April 24 along with a dozen other Cumhuriyet journalists and staff members

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To help protect press freedom and independent journalism in Turkey. Reader subscriptions are an critical independent source of funding for media organizations. By subscribing, you get access to top news and analysis, in English and Turkish, from Turkey’s leading independent news sources. And the knowledge that you are helping press freedom in Turkey to survive.


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Which newspapers is the campaign supporting?


The I Subscribe campaign will be supporting several of Turkey’s last remaining independent media outlets. The first campaign aims to benefit the secular daily Cumhuriyet. 100 percent of the subscription amount flows directly to the media outlet in question.

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Disclaimer: All subscription purchases are done exclusively via the news outlets themselves. Neither IPI nor any other campaign partner is responsible for content or quality with regards to subscriptions. Subscribers are encouraged to review the terms and conditions of subscription purchases. Photos on this page are courtesy of Cumhuriyet.